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Screen printing method allows for any motif you have, specific motif/hotel’s logo are feasible and is charged per color design. A one-time cost but is the wisest solution to ensure fabric motif availability and design exclusivity. Fabric base quality and color options to choose from depending on budget and preference and charge is calculated depending on fabric consumption per chosen style and size witn min.QTY order 12 pieces per style category.

We also have limited ready screen print designs available for you to choose from, any color you prefer. Screen print process takes 7-14 days from final design to complete. Tailoring service varies from 7-14 days to complete, depending on quantity order and style complexity




  • Screen Print –Limited Ready Stock Motifs –insert photo image
  • Fabric Base Quality  Material – Pollycotton & Cotton prima –insert photo image
  • Plain Downproof Cotton for style combination– color options –insert photo image
  • JB Linen- Staff Uniform in jpeg file –insert photo image 


JBLinen StaffUniform 300x202 Staff Uniforms