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Several quality material options are available as below for pillow cases. Seal: 15cm-in envelope style. / Colour: Plain & Motifs. READY STOCK ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE / ‘Pre-Order’ for large quantity. Different prices apply for simming style 6cm round & embroidered lining is also possible with requested colour. Other sizes or model can be Custom Made, inquiry within.

Quality / Fabric Type Item Size (without simming) Item Size (with simming 6cm) JB Retail Price (Rp.)
CVC 150 traits
CVC 200 traits
CVC 220 traits
CVC 300 traits
SR T-200 full cotton
SR T-280 full cotton
SR T-300 full cotton
SR T-300 cotton sateen
SR T-400 cotton sateen
SR T-550 cotton sateen
51 x 77 cm 51 x 77 cm Inquiry for price
51 x 90 cm 51 x 90 cm

pillowcases with simminglining res  300x200 Pillow Cases