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We offer quality Wholesale linen products, which are standardised for villa or hotel’s needs with quality standard proven to ensure long wear and durability. ‘Fabric quality of  CVC 150 traits, CVC 200 traits, CVC 220 traits, SR T-200 Cotton plain, SR T-220 Cotton plain, SR T-280 Cotton plain & motif, SR T-300 Cotton plain & motif SR T-300 cotton sateen materials as fabric quality options and these are quality linen material fit for various hotels’ or villas’ standards. CVC materials use combination of 50% polyester and 50% cotton. As for the Bed Mattrass, we endorse Spring Air brand, which is known worldwide and has been popularly used at star hotels and villas.  Other furnishings we have are bedrunner set, bathrobe, staff uniform, ‘Go Green’ amenities, WOODEN Amenities Tray set & Litter Bin and bed skirting. We also provide Rental linen products to accomodate your hotel/ villa’s needs during emergency situation fron linen, towel, extra bed and baby crib rental.

We believe that endorsing good quality and durability, competitive prices of all our products and to deliver you within the promised timeframe are our essential service to you for long term partnership and repeat orders. Do not hesitate to contactus for other inquiry. Thank you.


New JB Linen Products :

“Various Ready design & styles to fit your hotel/restaurant/ villa uniform wear, COMPETITIVE PRICES GUARANTEED!!”

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Linen Motif

We have several linen motif options other than plain white such as: 9cm checker,3cm checker, 3cm long stripe, 1 cm long tripe with different fabric quality specification options. For custom sizes inquiry within for prices.

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Bedding Size Guide:

Duvet Cover Size referred under the Bed Size Guide is set fit for bed mattress with maximum height in 20cm for tuck-in mode so bed mattress with 30 cm or 35 cm in height would require the next level duvet cover size to fit for tuck-in mode

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